January 27, 2023
Understading Music Theory Concepts For the Guitar

Understading music theory is the process of interpreting a musical selection or piece of music. This process involves the analysis, or interpretation, of the meaning of each note, pitch and rhythm. Understanding the musical subject matter behind a piece of music is vital to being able to enjoy it. 

The process also includes learning the language of music and how to play an instrument proficiently. Learning theory can be difficult for many people because there are so many different theories and interpretations available to learn from.

What is Music Theory? Understading Music Theory is the process of interpreting the music we already know. Most songs have some kind of a basic key signature which consists of two elements an upbeat or sad note, or a key that is either major or minor. These basic keys can be broken down into further key signatures. 

For instance, if you listen to rock music you would hear the same key signature repeatedly, such as G, C, D, A, E, etc. The same thing goes for blues, funk, country, and any other type of music that has a certain rhythm and feel.

Why is it Important to Learn Music Theory If I am a Better Musician? Learning music theory gives you a deeper understanding of how the songs you are learning are made. It allows you to apply this knowledge to your future songs, and gives you a better understanding of how music is put together. It can even be used to write songs more easily.

Learn how to Write Songs: Learning music theory opens up the door to being able to write excellent songs. Just imagine being able to play something on your guitar that isn’t going to get stuck in the lowest key. Or being able to jam with other guitarist players because you have an idea for a song structure. 

Understading theory will give you the ability to create great music and put thoughts into it that will make your audience sit up and take notice. If you don’t believe me just try playing and listening to some of your favorite songs.

Learn How to Play Guitar Chords: One of the best parts about learning musical theory is being able to learn how to read music. Musical theory will teach you the significance of each chord. Once you have learned the names of the chords you can then figure out which chord is related to which key on your guitar. This will give you a better understanding of how music is put together.

Shared Language: Another important aspect of learning music theory is learning the language of music. Musical language, or how musicians speak about a certain genre of music, is called notation. If you can understand the notation you will have a better understanding of what kind of music you are listening to.

Get Connected to Others Who Know More Than You: Studying music theory can be beneficial to any musician no matter what instrument they play. Learning music theory can open new doors of opportunities for you as a musician, a coach, or even a mentor. 

When you are able to read music more effectively, you will open yourself up to people who know more than you do about music. These are very important people who can teach you more than just what you currently know.

Learn How to Compile Scales and Keyboards: Playing music is all about combining notes and chords together to form an overall melody. Scales and keyboards are the tools you use to help you achieve that overall melody. 

Understanding the relationships between scales can be beneficial in many areas of your musical career. Studying music theory concepts like melody and harmony will give you the skills to read songs through an entire composition.

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