January 29, 2023
How to Upload and Post a TikTok Video on a Desktop

The short answer is yes, TikTok can be used on a desktop computer. The desktop version of TikTok operates in the same way as the mobile version, but because desktops offer larger screen real estate, you can view more of TikTok’s features on a single screen.

Users are directed instantly to their For You Page after launching the TikTok mobile app, where they may utilize buttons to like, comment, and share TikToks, as well as navigate to other aspects of the app (Search, Discover, Profile, Inbox).

They may also switch to the “Following” mode to watch a stream of material from only the accounts they’ve chosen to follow, and then hit the Plus button to begin recording a TikTok.

Using the TikTok PC software has two major advantages. It takes less time to submit the movies, and you may see the benefits of your labor sooner! We were able to publish 3-4 films every day in a quarter of the time by employing the approaches outlined below.

While downloading TikToks to your computer might be difficult, posting is simple.
Click the Upload video button on the upper right side of your screen to upload a TikTok from your desktop. It’s in the shape of a cloud with a “up” arrow inside.

You may then choose your video from your computer or drag and drop a file to upload from there. Then, of course, add your caption, hashtags, privacy settings, and everything else.
Simply press the Post button beneath the editor when you’re finished, and your movie will be uploaded to your account.

Also, Using Your Browser to TikTok on a PC
Using your browser Chrome or Safari is by far the simplest way to submit movies from your TikTok PC app to TikTok mobile app.
This is the simplest though certainly not the best method for uploading videos from your computer to TikTok.
Before you become too enthusiastic, consider the following reasons why it might not be the best option:
When you post videos to TikTok using your browser, the functionality are limited (no editing tools).
The sole downside of using TikTok on a PC is this. Fortunately, you can use alternative editing software to do Tik Tok video modifications.

On a PC, how do you check up TikTok analytics?
Hover over your profile image in the upper right corner, then select View Analytics to see your analytics from your desktop.

You may examine all of your analytics and utilize them to help design your plan from there. Overview analytics (performance over a specified time period), Content analytics (metrics for specific posts), Follower analytics (data on your followers), and Live analytics (stats on live videos you’ve posted) are among the numbers available.

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