January 28, 2023

How to start a YouTube Channel is the question that every Internet marketer asks time again. But most people give up before they even try. When you visit a YouTube channel, the first thing you’ll see is a big banner displaying your channel’s name. Understand your target audience, understand your niche.

For example, are you running a small business or a website promoting pets? If so, then you should consider creating a channel around pet videos. This is a great way to advertise your product and reach a larger audience. 

If you’re running a website promoting home businesses, then consider creating a channel around home business videos. It’s a great way to reach a targeted audience, especially if you have a good conversion rate from the video content itself.

A YouTube channel is also a great way to let your customers interact live with you. For example, if you run a small business selling services like house cleaning or lawn care, how would you get your customers involved with your channel? A great way is by providing them with a form where they can enter their contact information. They can then comment on your video or post a question.

The Most Influential YouTube Channel

When you are looking for the most influential YouTube channels, you should think about the quality of content that they have to offer, as well as who they are sponsored by, and how these factors might impact your viewings. 

What is the most influential YouTube Channel for you? The answer depends a great deal on what your priorities are, but there are a few channels that you can feel comfortable putting high in the rankings. Let’s take a look at the people who rank high in the eyes of many people, even though they do not necessarily offer the best content on YouTube.

Most Influential YouTube Channel: The most influential YouTube Channel by far is Phazze. This channel is run by Phazze, a famous artist and composer, and has some of the most interesting and creative breakdowns of computer-generated music imaginable, as well as a regular feature on the channel of a very popular game show, called You Are Your Brother.

 The song used in the video is often used as a reference by musicians as a way of getting fans to raise their hands in support. The popularity of Phazze’s channel has reached an all time high, even with the recent downturn in the economy. He currently has almost two million subscribers.

Most Influential Vlogs: As is the case with most influential channels, Vlogs are extremely popular among people who like to make videos. There are a large number of vlogs available, covering almost every subject, and many of them are regularly updated, so they are worth watching. 

The vlogs themselves can be very entertaining, informative, funny and informative, but they are also very controversial and can attract some real controversy. Many of the vlogs on this channel have had more than forty million views.

John Green is perhaps best known for his comedy songs, such as “Pumped Up Kitty”. But he is also well-known for his YouTube videos which are in some ways a cross between music and comedy. Many people choose to watch these vlogs in order to get some insight into the daily routines of the singer, as well as some behind-the-scenes info about how he operates in his home country of Canada. 

In fact, many of his fans consider him to be one of the best singers and performers they’ve ever seen on YouTube.

Most Intense – Youtuber Michael Buble is well-known for his music and videos, but he also has developed quite the following from his channel, with thousands upon thousands of subscribers and many people voting for him on YouTube. 

As with most other vloggers, many of his videos are parodies of current events, with him poking fun at those in his own social circle. For this reason, he has become something of an authority on some topics, especially those that pertain to his love of animals.

He has made several videos that are parodies of news reports, including one in which he was interviewed by the Discovery Channel. He’s also used his channel to make donations to local animal shelters, as well as sponsor auctions for dogs.

While many of the other channels on YouTube have large followings, it seems that no other network is able to stack up to the best of them when it comes to influence. This all makes perfect sense, since the network wants to provide its customers with the best content available, without the need to do the heavy lifting themselves. 

That’s why it’s so important to watch a Yahoo’s search for the most influential YouTube channels. The chances are that a Yahoo will come up with more hits for the channel than for any other company related to YouTube, which is why it is one of the most trusted sources of video game music. And that influence is only increasing as new games are created with the help of this new media.

Or maybe you want to take a look at how to set up your Google account to create a new channel. If you already have a Google account, then that’s great. If not, then I recommend that you sign up for a free Google account so that you can try this process. 

In order to get the hang of things, it’s a good idea to have a couple friends help you. Once your account is set up, then you can go back to YouTube and actually start adding and creating your own videos.

Steps to follow

#1 The first thing that you will need to do when setting up your channel is to select a relevant domain name for your new channel. This domain name should be related to your niche market. Next, select a suitable video to be uploaded onto your channel at a specific length that you feel comfortable with. 

The title of the video, description and channel art should be chosen carefully, as they will be seen by all visitors to your channel.

#2 The next step is to create your YouTube account, and after doing so, your channel should be live. To get your channel noticed by visitors to YouTube, it’s a good idea to upload a nice quality trailer or sales advertisement of your product or service. 

Your channel description should be filled with information that describes your company or brand and the products/services you offer. You should also add a link in your channel description that directs potential customers to your website.

#3 The next step is to upload your chosen video onto your YouTube channels. Most video sharing websites will let you do this by simply copying and pasting the video code into your web browser. Remember to include any extra text that you may want to add onto the video, such as a website address or any other information that can be helpful to your viewers. At this point, it’s a good idea to bookmark the page, as it will make it easier to find your chosen video in future.

After finishing everything described above, it’s now time to set up your YouTube channels. You can either choose to keep your channel hidden away and only known by friends and family, or you can choose to make your channel open to the public. Whichever option you choose, it’s important to understand that you can have your account banned by YouTube if you are not sure about it. 


Once you have done so, it’s time to apply some basic YouTube marketing techniques to your new channel. Start by adding a few quality and well produced YouTube videos that you have created yourself and provide interesting insights and content related to your business/website/niche.

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